Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is an action comedy film released in 2010. It was considered to be a box office bomb at the time by losing almost half of its production budget of $90 million. However, critics were big fans of the visual style and humor. In the following years it has become a cult classic and gave some of today’s biggest stars their big break.

Michael Cera – Scott Pilgrim

Michael Cera has worked consistently since 1999 and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was the latest in a long line of films and TV shows that were slightly underwhelming at the time, but went on to become cult classics. Arrested Development, Juno, Superbad and Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist to name just a few.

In the years following he continued to take parts in tv shows, smaller films and stage shows to various levels of success. Recently he’s starred as the voice of Robin in The Lego Batman Movie, a small role in the Twin Peaks revival and continued to play the George Bluth character in Arrested Development on Netflix.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead – Ramona Flowers

Until her role in Scott Pilgrim, Winstead had appeared mainly in crappy horror films, awful soap operas and lifetime TV shows and stage productions with Donny Osmond. In 2007 she was cast in two high profile films. As a vapid actress in the critically acclaimed Quentin Tarantino exploitation horror film – Grindhouse and then, later in the year, cast as Lucy – John McClane’s estranged daughter in Live Free or Die Hard.

Since her critically acclaimed turn as Ramona Flower, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has taken on a number of roles in Indy films and recently appeared in 10 Cloverfield Lane and the third series of Fargo, alongside Ewan McGregor. She’s very recently been announced as playing The Huntress in the upcoming DC film, Birds of Prey.

Ellen Wong – Knives Chau

Ellen Wong has a black belt in Taekwondo and only stopped competing due to her acting schedule. Before and after Scott Pilgrim she has appeared in a number of smaller films and tv shows such as The Carrie Diaries and Combat Hospital. Most recently she has played the character Jenny/Fortune Cookie in the Netflix comedy series GLOW.

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